Awarding Of Tenders


A Tender system involves an organization or government inviting the public to supply them with goods or services for a prescribed period.

The firm invites the public using online publication, tender notice boards, radio broadcast or mass media like television or radio.


How A Tender Process Works

  • To avoid corruption the Government or firm publishes the services or goods it requires and invites all registered bidders or public to participate.
  • Successfully bidders enter into a contract agreement with the government or firm.
  • Successfully organizations submit their company documents, which include cr14, certificate of incorporation, list of directors, company profile and current tax certificate.
  • At least three trade references is also required.
  • A site visit might be organized for large projects.
  • Bidders must fulfill their contractual obligations and deliver on their promises
  • Payment of the services or goods will be done after the final delivery of the goods or services


In a corrupt free economy or market, a tender process is open to all registered companies or entities to participate without fear or favor. The best bidder/s are awarded the tender based on the best cost and the best quality between all competing bidders.

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